Enterprise Content Detection and Cleanup

PinPoint Auditor delivers powerful automated scanning technology to help organizations detect and control inappropriate material such as pornography and other illicit files in the workplace.

  • Analyze files for unsuitable content, remotely across the network.
  • Quickly scan workstations and servers while in use
  • Detect inappropriate content by analyzing images, movie files, documents, compressed archives, copyrighted material, unlicensed software, potentially harmful files , and more
  • Identify problem behavior before it affects others
  • Restore staff productivity, and recover wasted time and resources

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Key Features of PinPoint Auditor

Network scanning Scan workstations across the network from a remote computer, while in use, with minimal impact on target systems.
Batch scans Scan groups of workstations automatically in one session. Simplifies regular, automated scanning.
Scan scheduling Set automated scans to take place at night or after-hours.
Server scanning PinPoint Auditor is able to scan servers remotely, or it can be installed directly on the server for rapid scanning.
Report generation Report generation function allows creation of printable reports, containing thumbnails etc.
Interruption recovery Now features the ability to resume scanning after power failure or system shutdowns, without data loss.
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