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Smart Technology

Intelligent algorithms detect nudity and obscenity in images, movies, documents, archives and much more.

Network Scanning

Low-impact remote scanning of workstations and servers across the network, from one or more scanning systems.

Broad File Support

Supports visual content analysis and media playback for all common image and video files, including newer mobile formats.

Text Analysis

Analyzes documents and other files, detecting the presence of obscenity, illegal or policy-violating behavior, and more.

Key Features Summary

Network scanning

Scan workstations across the network from one or more remote computers. No need to run from machine to machine. With minimal impact on workstations, users can continue working without awareness of, or being slowed down by scanning. Additional scan throttling can be applied if necessary.

Scan Scheduling

Set automated scans to take place during times of minimal network impact, such as at night or on weekends. Minimizes bandwidth problems for heavy scanning tasks.

Report Generation

Comprehensive report generation functions allow creation of reports in various formats including HTML. User-centric reports can contain thumbnails of images and movies, and can hyperlink to a local copy of the actual file for further review.

Failure recovery

Long duration scans are now more manageable, with ability to pause and review results before continuing, as well as ability to resume scanning after power failure or system shutdowns without data loss.

Much more too!

And many more including compressed file inspection (check the contents of ZIP and other archive formats), NTFS Alternate Data Stream inspection and many bugfixes and miscellaneous updates / improvements.

Batch scans

Scan groups of workstations and servers automatically, in one session. This enables regular, automated scans of workstations / servers, reducing operator workload and streamlining the scan process.

Enhanced keyword functions

A much larger set of predefined keywords plus predefined and user-defined categories, and the ability to save and load keyword lists to enable sharing among sites. New keyword context functions allow syntax dependent triggering, more specific keyword matching and reduced false positives.

Server Scanning

PinPoint Auditor is compatible with all Microsoft server operating systems, including Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012. Scan servers remotely, or by installing directly onto the server. Scan user profiles / user storage.

Improved performance and robustness

Additional memory saving features, as well as speed and accuracy improvements, add to create an enterprise level product that is more robust and stable than ever before.


Restore lost productivity

An employee that is viewing inappropriate material at work is not being productive. In 2010, Nielsen’s quarterly report on U.S. media usage revealed that 29% of working adults accessed porn via work computers. Viewing inappropriate material at work severely impacts productivity, and creates a culture that can spread and affect the whole organization. Additionally, staff can waste hours per workday on personal activity like Facebook and online shopping. PinPoint Auditor can help detect and manage these problems.

Recover wasted resources

Computing resources are costly, and their inappropriate use negatively impacts the organization in various ways. Users viewing and storing inappropriate material burdens IT infrastructure, costs money in bandwidth, disk capacity, offsite backup size / cost, system wear and maintenance etc.

Protect your organization from legal liability

Organizations are more susceptible to legal action than ever before, so creating a clean, safe work environment is of critical importance. PinPoint Auditor helps mitigate these problems by locating problem files and activity, and empowering the organization to deal with them.