Category - General

Question What are the minimum system requirements for hosting PinPoint Auditor?
Answer Operating System
Windows Vista, Windows 7.x, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 or later

Required Software Components
Media Player on Windows desktop OS's, Microsoft Desktop Experience on Windows Server
Video codecs for playing back required formats. (K-Lite Codec Pack is an example, its free)

Required Hardware
1GHz Intel or AMD, 32 or 64 bit processor
500 Megabytes available (for scratch space and results storage)
Question How do I do a screen capture to show a problem I am having?
Answer To do a screen capture-
1) Press the Print Screen key, just to the right of the F12 key (usually).
2) Go to Outlook (or your mail program), create or reply to an existing message and press CTRL-V to paste the screen capture into your reply email and send it (for Outlook)
3) If you receive a dialog box stating that the email is plain text and the image will be lost, press the ‘Switch to HTML’ button on the Format Text tab.

If you are not using Outlook to send emails, the above steps may still work in your email program. If they do not, follow these instructions instead.

1) Press the Print Screen key, just to the right of the F12 key (usually).
2) Then go to Start -> Accessories -> Paint and run it.
3) On the Edit menu choose Paste. The screen capture will appear in Paint
4) Click File -> Save As and choose GIF from the pulldown box at the bottom, give it a name and save it somewhere.
5) Send the GIF file as an attachment.

Category - Installation

Question I am trying to install, but I get a pop-up saying it is not a valid Win32 file. What's wrong.
Answer It is likely that the downloaded file was only partially received or damaged in the download process. Please try the following:

1) Try downloading again and compare the size of this file and the new one by right clicking on it and looking in the properties.

2) Try downloading through a different browser, eg. Chrome or Firefox

3) If you are still having difficulty downloading the installer file due to a poor internet connection, try a 'download accelerator' like FlashGet. It is free.

Flashget will help with downloads across a slow/unreliable connection. It keeps retrying broken downloads until the file is successfully received. This will ensure that the file is downloaded intact. It will also accelerate downloads by downloading multiple segments of the file at one time. Keep in mind though that you may have to tell it to use the login name and password for the download location.
Question I need to get the latest version, but I have lost my download details, how do I proceed?
Answer Please contact us with your account name and we will forward the information you need to download.

Category - Troubleshooting

Question Video playback is not working properly, or the software hangs during video playback. What to do?
Answer Ensure you have suitable video codecs installed and they are the most recent versions. Buggy video codecs can crash and take PinPoint Auditor with them. We recommend installation of a codec pack such as K-Lite Codec Pack which includes codecs for all of the common video formats. It is free.
Question Why can't I delete some files?
Answer Deletion problems are typically caused by insufficient permissions, being logged in with a different account than the one the files are stored under, etc., or another process locking the files.

Permissions problems can sometimes be solved by using Run As Administrator, which will promote your permissions. Here are some links that show how to do this:
For Windows 10 :
For Windows 8 :
For Windows 7 :
For Windows Vista :

Deletion problems commonly happen when another process has locked the files for its own use and the system cannot delete them until the lock is released. Perhaps a spyware or virus scanner, maybe a system process has it locked. Try shutting down any programs that might have hold of the files. Also close any Windows Explorer windows that are showing the directory as these can prevent deletion.

If you cannot determine what is locking your file(s), try Emco Unlock It (its free) .

This will tell you what process has the file locked and may be able to help you forcibly shut down the process that is locking it.
Question Why can't I delete all detected files without having to select them by hand?
Answer We don’t allow one click deletion of all files because of the danger in accidentally deleting items that you want to keep, or that an application needs to work properly etc. Think of what would happen if the software wrongly suspected some files were suspicious but you did not take the time to check them, and just deleted them, but they happened to be required files that an application needed to run. The application would stop working and you would likely blame our software.

It has happened before that users have deleted irreplaceable family photos by deleting everything without reviewing the results. It’s too risky so we don’t allow it.

You can save time by checking items across multiple pages and deleting the checked items in one hit, and you can use drag/select with your mouse and also CTRL and SHIFT select work in the same way. E.g. When you have selected the images on one page that you want to delete, you can click a check box and they will all be checked. Keep checking items across multiple pages then delete them all at once. Follow these steps:

1) Drag select all on the page, then check one and they will all be checked.
2) Go to the next page and repeat if desired. Note that the checked items will be remembered across pages.
3) When you have checked all items across all pages that need to be deleted, Right Click and delete checked. All items that were checked are deleted.

The right click menu can help save time in other ways too.

Note that frequently if somebody is downloading porn they seem to save it all to one folder or folder tree. If you take a look at the folders the files are stored in, you might find that they are all in one place. Delete these folders and scan again to save you time.
Question PinPoint Auditor is crashing for some reason. How can I fix it?
Answer PinPoint Auditor is rigorously tested and proven in enterprise environments. You should be able to use PinPoint Auditor to scan multiple systems without crashing. Reports of PinPoint Auditor crashing are typically related to unstable or damaged video playback components on the scanning system.

To minimize problems like this, we typically recommend a clean install of a client OS on the system that will be running the software; Windows 7 32/64 or later are well proven in practice. Then updating to the latest version of the following components:
- Latest OS with updates
- Microsoft Office suite (for reviewing detected documents)
- DirectX
- Media Player
- K-Lite codec pack ( ) 32 bit is usually suitable regardless of OS bitness

That gives you a stable base to perform scans with, and puts the system in a known good state without any extraneous or untested codecs and other software.

Make sure the software is set with the default settings, don’t make the mistake of just ticking every last option without understanding what they do or how they affect scan performance. Default settings are set as defaults for a reason. Read the help file to understand the options before changing them.

After you have a stable base system, if you still have trouble, disable all scan types and run over the same target systems adding one scan type at a time eg. Images. Then turn on the next one, say Videos. Eventually there will be a scan that makes the software stop responding. Use the information gathered to troubleshoot. Contact us for further guidance.